King Alfred Probus Club Winchester

Past Speakers 2018-19

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16 May 2018

John Parker


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15 August 2018

David Nelson

"Winchester Pavement Commissioners"

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21 November 2018

Peter Wingent

"Flying To The Empire In The 1920s and 1930s"

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20 February 2019

Dianne Mannering

"A 1960's Businesswoman In A Man's World"

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20 June 2018

Jeremy Prescott

"Sacrifice And Remembrance"

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19 September 2018

Christine Pullen

"The Royal Green Jackets Museum Winchester"

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19 December 2018

RN Presentation Team

"The Role And Importance Of Today's Royal Navy"

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20 March 2019

Bob Sinfield

"The Great Unwatched"

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18 July 2018

Dr Diane Newell

"The Human

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17 October 2018

Frances Hurd

"Birth Of The English Parish Church"

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16 January 2019

Andrew Negus

"Winchester: Bishops, Buildings and Bones"

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17 April 2019

KAPC Members

"Annual General Meeting"