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17 November 2021


"The Bermuda Triangle: Fact Or Fiction"

Howard Nichols


Summary Of Talk

When the first stories appeared of the unexplained disappearances of aircraft and ships, many theories were put forward about strange occurrences in this part of the Atlantic. Many were thought to be freaks of nature or some bizarre stories of visits from other intelligent life forms. Some said it was a government cover up. The speaker has researched some of the events and can shed some light on what really did happen. Or….is it all fiction.

Brief CV

As a young man in the 1960s, Howard joined what was to be the NHS Ambulance Service. After much study he qualified as one of the first NHS Paramedics in the UK. He then trained as a service instructor and was seconded to the Ambulance Training College to train Paramedics.

In 1980 he was honoured by being given the Frank Digby, Ambulance Personnel of the Year Award, for ambulance vehicle design. In 1985 the College relocated to another part of the UK, but due to family commitments he was unable to follow and sadly his 25 year career had to end.

He was however immediately selected to join SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors and Airman's Families Association) as a Training Officer in their London Headquarters. Over many years had worked as a volunteer Branch Officer with the Red Cross and in 1987 he was awarded the Badge of Honour and Life Membership.

During 1989 he was recruited by the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) to design and start up a brand new training course in Advanced First Aid and Care of the Survivor for Lifeboat Crews. Starting in 1990, this was given to selected crew members throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland and ran he ran these courses from an articulated Mobile Training School. He was also involved in fund raising activities which included appearances with BBC television and other TV companies. Operational “call outs” while on station was part of his duties. Reaching the required retirement age, he stood down in 2004, but continues as a volunteer presenter for the RNLI's PR and Fund Raising Department.

Howard regularly roams the globe as a transport photographer and has travelled throughout the UK and more than 109 different countries This has allowed him to build a portfolio of nearly 90,000 images which allows him to speak with personal authority and without the fear of copyright infringements.

He now has a busy “After Dinner” circuit along the southern counties with a wide range of subjects which are available “on line”, Since 2009 he has been a regular speaker for many different Cruise Lines which has allowed him to travel the world giving Port/Destination Lectures which are built “bespoke” for each individual cruise, even though it may not be the first time he has visited that area. Enrichment/Enhancement Lectures for the cruise lines come from his portfolio of wide ranging subjects, constructed with their guests in mind, and can be given at any time and without prior warning.

Howard is still looking for fresh ways to entertain new audiences and has adapted many talks that can be delivered by Zoom. This gives him reason to continue his travels to research new subjects.