AGM 2021

21 April 2021

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Outgoing President
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Incoming President

Business Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome by the President
2. Accounts
3. Election of Officers and Committee members
4. Handing Over The Presidency


Past President


Speaker Secretary
Social Secretary
Meetings Secretary
Special Events Secretary
Welfare Secretary

Without Portfolio

Tony Smith
Mike Biles
Mike Biles
Lynne Archer
Richard Ings

Natalie Newman
David Morgan
Jim Butterfield
Jan Stanbury
Tony Smith
Keith Baker

John Tennent

This year, because of Covid-19 restrictions, the Annual General Meeting has been conducted as a virtual meeting. It was also decided that the format of the meeting should be different this year with a short business section followed by a talk from an invited speaker. As usual the formal papers for the meeting were sent to Members beforehand containing the accounts together with specific proposals for the continuing membership of the Committee.